Are You Aware of the Perils of Debris Removal?

Homes that have suffered from raging flames are prone to risks. And when your house have been damaged by a fire, you have to get the unsafe rubble removed by a professional company. Else, both your property and its inhabitants will be at jeopardy. Debris removal brings with itself a number of hazards that might prove fatal, if not handled by trained experts.

There are hazardous refuse, noxious chemicals, ash and electrocution risks. So, you understand why a demolition process is so perilous. Post-demolition rubble might also create a favorable condition for mosquitoes and rodents to breed.

These might contaminate the air with malaria and plague viruses. This is the reason efficient debris hauling is mandatory to keep your home safe.

This post will educate readers on the potential risks that are associated with the hauling of refuse.

Ash Can be A Menace

Ashes caused by a fire might leave traces of noxious particles after burning structures of your home. You should therefore treat all ash as unsafe. Keep your children, food, medicines and pets away from such stuff. Else, it might the affect the skin and lungs of your toddler and pets.

Ensure that such ash is properly deposed before the hauling process starts. This is important to prevent ash from being distributed in the air.

The best way to get to get rid of ash is by disposing it in plastic bags. Avoid washing ash into the storm drains as that might contaminate the supply of water.

Smoldering Wood

There might be some heat sources owing to smoldering wood. This might increase the possibility of rekindling your house again, if some combustible stuff is found nearby.

Therefore, ensure there are at least more than one fire extinguishers available during the hauling process.

Rough Surfaces

When demolition work is on, there is bound to be some uneven and rough surfaces like renovation refuse, an area covered by trees or other forms of vegetation. The company that removes the debris should have workers wearing hard hats, goggles, protective boots and masks to prevent any serious injury.

Dangers of Electrocution

In debris removal sites, there are high chances of short circuiting or getting electrocuted. This occurs if there is any source of water present near electrical equipment or circuits.

To prevent any such hazards, ensure that the main power is switched off. Avoid turning the power on unless an expert electrician says so.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning might occur if there are some confined spaces after a fire breakout. A cleanup process requires the use of diesel-run pumps, gasoline, pressure washers and generators. All of these devices emit carbon monoxide which is a colorless and odorless gas. If inhaled, will cause death.

Therefore, all gasoline-operated apparatus should always be used outdoors to prevent fatalities.

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