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Shocking Myths of Trash Hauling Services Busted !

Posted By : Ronny Saidian

Many people prefer hiring services of trash hauling companies for cleaning up properties. Unfortunately, some are unaware of the various myths associated with trash removal services. As a result, they often go through a harrowing experience.

To avoid such a situation, knowing in details about services of a company is critical. This step is important, because it helps you to understand the reality. We highlight few myths associated with debris hauling companies and tricks to uncover the reality.

Myth 1 – All trash removal companies remove hazardous materials

Many people automatically assume that all companies remove hazardous items. However, this is a wrong idea. Certain companies will not even touch hazardous items.

Even those companies that handle hazardous materials have certain restrictions. Most of us think that dangerous items only include medical waste and asbestos. However, some companies consider paint, fuel, and even oil as hazardous.

The best way to deal with this situation is to ask for a list of items that your chosen company considers ‘hazardous’.

Myth 2 – Trash removal companies always recycle the disposed products

A company may declare itself eco-friendly and promise to recycle every single disposed product. However, the truth is that they often sell them to people who want second-hand items. Sometimes, they even donate these items to local charities.

If you believe in the ‘go green’ policy, inquire in details about the recycling processes that the company undertakes.

Myth 3 – Trash removal companies will clean your property

Many trash removal companies declare that they will clean up the property. By this, they mean sweeping away the debris that has accumulated, after shifting larger things, such as moving boxes and furniture. If you expect that the company will use vacuum cleaner in the area, scrub and dust it, you may be disappointed.

To avoid any rude shock, always discuss in details about the service offered by your selected company. In case of any confusion, do not hesitate to ask for clarifications.