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Haulers, What You Can Do to Prevent Toxic Materials when Trash Hauling

Posted By : Ronny Saidian

The best way to keep your hands off of toxic materials is to never get into the trash hauling business. But since you already have started the business, you have to get the ball rolling right? Here’s a list of things that you can tell your customers because that’s where it all begins. If they are careful about the way they handle trash, your job can really become easier and less hazardous.

What You Should Tell Your Customers:

  • To Dispose Of Their Old Medications Carefully: tell your clients/customers to be careful when throwing away their old medications. Just hauling these items away won’t help because they hold potential dangers for everyone and even the environment. Tell them to never flush old medications because flushing causes them to erupt into millions of pharmaceutical chemicals that go into the sewers.
  • Your customers should never let old medications leak into the environment. Advice them to crush the pills, mix them with flour, charcoal or salt and keep them back in their original container and then wrap the container with duct tape. Then they should put the container in a zip bag and throw into the dustbin.
  • To watch over their household items: Detergents, soaps and perfumes contain chemicals that have been found in earthworms. These are the creatures that play a fundamental part in the earliest phase of the human food chain.

Okay, Done With Household Trash, but What To Do About The Trash In Demolition Sites?

Demolition debris contains: Asphalt, Concrete, Brick, Fiberglass, Acoustic Ceiling Tile, Plaster, Porcelain, Asphalt Roofing, wood and many other things such as fencing, fixtures and hardware, pipe, floor coverings etc. That there are many organizations out there that accept debris and recycle it into usable materials.

These days, most demolition services offer debris hauling that means, they haul away the entire debris. If you have taken up a debris hauling project, you have to make sure you are sending the demolition debris to a recycling center, wherein, they will be turned into salvaged building materials and be part of the construction of a new building.

To haul the post demolition services debris to a recycling center is your duty, not only as a hauling professional but also as a civilian. The onus of keeping the environment clean and toxic-free is on everyone in the world.

As a professional, make a difference in your line of work by encouraging your customers/clients and even your family and friends about waste recycling. Educate them pleasantly about bio-waste, toxic materials and salvaged materials. Your hauling business will grow multifold and your competitors will look upto you.

Discarding Electronic Waste with Proper Rubbish Removal

Posted By : Ronny Saidian

With the developments in technology, we are blessed with many sophisticated conveniences such as Wi-Fi cell phones, laptop computers and countless other things that are designed to give us a more convenient life. But when these gadgets become defective, what happens to them? Simple, we call a rubbish removal company and get them hauled away so that we can get new ones. The discarded electronic devices are known as e-waste or electronic waste.

Electronic Waste! What is that?

E-waste can be anything from empty printer cartridges to dysfunctional MP3 players. Every day, millions of electronic items are discarded and dumped on landfills by inefficient rubbish removal companies. If they are taken to recycling centers, they can be used for making new electronic appliances and thus, save the environment.

As the owner of at least a couple of electronic gadgets, you should be careful about how you get rid of the electronic devices in your possession once they become malfunctioning or you just want to throw them away because you want to buy new ones. Of course, you will call a decent junk removal company to come and haul away these unwanted electronic items. But is that all? Wouldn’t you inquire about where it is going to end up?

How does it heap up?

The way technology is making quantum leaps, old electronic devices are becoming obsolete everyday and therefore, the amount of electronic waste is rising in leaps and bounds. The air and water bodies around us are becoming contaminated day by day with the amount of toxic elements released from the electronic items that are not welcome in our home or office anymore.

What’s the solution?

When you contact junk removal professionals to remove all the garbage cluttered in your home, make sure they are competent enough to understand the importance of recycling electronic waste. The environment is yours, just as its others’. So, it is your duty to keep in mind the harmful effects of electronic appliances that are not in use any more.

Say, you are demolishing your old house to build a new one, or tearing down an area of your house so that you can renovate it the way you want. Some amount of e-waste will inevitably pile up after the demolishing. There are many recycling plants where you can dump your unwanted electronic belongings. Find one and dump that waste there or make sure your debris removal company does the job.

Most firms that deal with debris removal send your electronic junk to the recycling stations. But there are many that don’t. Remember, landfill is never a good place to dump e-waste. They should be recycled, for you, for me, for the whole world so that the world continues to be livable.